Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Most popular items in November 2014

These were the items with the most views in November 2014:

UCSC Campus History - Photographs and Maps. John Boit Morse, oilography exhibit opening, Stevenson Gatehouse: artist with Priscilla "Tilly" Shaw, professor of literature
John Boit Morse (1912-88), son of Samuel F.B. Morse, the developer of the Pebble Beach Golf Course, was a graduate of Yale University, a semi-professional hockey player, a World War II veteran, an advertising executive, and his father’s successor as president of Del Monte Properties, before he became a full-time artist in 1953. He was prominent as a philanthropist and artist in the Monterey Bay area. For more information about this exhibit, see the Santa Cruz Sentinel, September 17, 1967, p. 27, and September 24, p. 27.
Branson DeCou Digital Archive. Moscow: street scene, horse-drawn cart carrying a chest
Branson and Elsie DeCou visited the young Soviet Union around 1931, taking pictures in Moscow, St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Odessa, and Yalta (the latter two now in Ukraine). Although most of the images show buildings and museums, many of them are street scenes or character portraits. These offer a unique and interesting glimpse of daily life in the Soviet Union between the two world wars.
Lick Observatory Digital Archive. Photometers:
Photometry is a way to study stars by measuring the intensity of their light. Dr. Joel Stebbins (1878-1966) brought the Illinois photometer to the Lick Observatory to study Beta Lyrae, a binary star system. The director of the observatory, William Campbell, sought to obtain a permanent photometer. Edith Eleanor Cummings, a Lick Fellow, designed one for her doctoral studies at Berkeley, and in 1921 used it to study Beta Cephei. Her research revealed this triple-star system as a prototype for a new class of stars, ones with brightness that varies according to pulsations on their surfaces.
See Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers, pp 2048-2051 for Joel Stebbins, and pp. 485-487 for Edith Eleanor Cummings.
Illinois photometer brought to the Lick Observatory during the summer of 1915 by Dr. Joel Stebbins
Photometer made by Edith Cummings for the 12-inch refracting telescope
UCSC Library Map Collections. Weber's map of Santa Cruz County, California / Published by C.F. Weber & Co., 1914.
This map shows utility lines (gas and electric), railroads, wagon roads, schools, ranchos, townships, reclamation districts and irrigation projects. It includes insets of the cities of Santa Cruz and Watsonville.